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Previous  Exploration and Production Diamond
and Gold Dredge

The Dredges are of rugged construction, simple to operate and maintain. The dredges use diesel power 50-200 hp. The buyer can choose the brand of engine and hp.

The diver operated dredges are more effective when operating around large rocks and hard packed material. With Twin 8" suction hoses the dredges have the capacity to move large amounts of overburden to get to the diamond gravel. They are also modular as meaning more than one dredge can be attached together to make a very large production unit.

The Dredges use an efficient Venturi system which means no sand, rocks, or debri have to pass through the pump. This prolongs pump life.

The current Exploration and Production Dredge uses 3 stages of classification to discharge the oversize then recover the diamonds and gold from the target size material with a choice of recovery systems.

You may use a multilevel Diamond sluice, a Diamond jig system, or pump the target sized material to shore for use in a land based recovery system.

The Basic Dredge with the simplest recovery system and small German diesel
is usually the best starting point.

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